We Offer…

  • Information and Referrals to all
  • Peer Mentoring Services
  • Daily Living Skills Training
  • Individual Advocacy Assistance
  • Young Adult Leadership
  • Emergency Disaster Preparedness
  • Education and Transition
  • Employment Advising
  • Outreach to Under-served Populations
  • Advice on Voting Rights and Opportunities for consumers to serve on committees where they have a say.

We also offer…

  • Workshops including, but not limited to grief, bullying, empowerment, soft skills (elementary, intermediate, and advanced), hard skills, nutrition and health, and legacy
  • Look out for more workshops and interactive services that can be provided on-location, in your schools or here at AccessAbility! Call to learn more! 843.225.5080.

We Will…

  • Advocate for public policy affecting people with disabilities
  • Speak to groups/organizations about independent living
  • Collaborate with organizations to enable people with disabilities to achieve success
  • Participate on Advisory Councils and Community Based
  • Participatory Research with academic partners to assist the community of people with disabilities

We Also Offer Fee-For-Service Programs…

  • Sensitivity Awareness Training (contract or one time option)
  • Training and Workshops for businesses about ADA compliance and accommodations for people with disabilities
  • Rental program for refurbished Durable Medical Equipment for personal or business use
  • Rental program of our beautiful Training Room for your meeting needs.

We Provide…

  • All forms of Assistive Technology for people with disabilities to communicate with as well as Internet ready computers at our office, free of charge.
  • Refurbished and durable medical equipment for people with disabilities in need
  • Ramp services (when funding is available).

Our Mission

AccessAbility is one of 403 Centers for Independent Living in the country. We are a federally funded, non-residential, not-for-profit, for-purpose organization in South Carolina. AccessAbility is a 501(c)(3) organization. The organization has been serving the counties of Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester, Orangeburg and Williamsburg since 2001. AccessAbility promotes the full integration of people with disabilities in their communities. We strive to empower people with disabilities to realize their full potential. AccessAbility provides consumer-controlled services. That means YOU are leading the way! Your determination is key to your independence. The board of directors and staff consist of 51% people with disabilities. Another unique feature of AccessAbility is that we provide services on a cross-disability basis. Our mission is to offer individual and group life skills coaching programs for people with disabilities.

Employment First Position Statement for SC Centers for Independent Living:

As a Center for Independent Living that is grounded in the disability rights movement and run and operated by the majority of individuals with disabilities, we are united in the belief that community-based, integrated employment for individuals with all types of disabilities should be the only option when it comes to employment. Individuals with disabilities CAN work and should have the freedom, support, and opportunity to achieve competitive, integrated employment. We advocate for systems where funding for employment programs shift away from sheltered workshops and other non-competitive employment and move towards a system that promotes equal employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, regardless of the severity of the disability.

AccessAbility Customized Employment Statement

AccessAbility is a Center for Independent Living that serves people with disabilities in five counties: Charleston, Berkeley, Williamsburg, Orangeburg, and Dorchester in the lower state of South Carolina. Centers for Independent Living(CIL) are consumer controlled and are strongly committed to CIL philosophy. AccessAbility fully supports Customized Employment for individuals with disabilities who would benefit from this model of service. We also recognize that implementation of this service would be on case by case basis, only when it benefits the goals of the consumer, and the service needs align with what Customized Employment is designed to execute.

We establish an “Employment First” position by adhering to the following practices:
  • Assist individuals with disabilities to explore and obtain employment opportunities based on the individual’s interests and goals.
  • Advocate to remove employment barriers for individuals with disabilities.
  • Advocate for a systemic and collaborative approach between all partners and stakeholders.
  • Provide employment information in a variety of accessible formats.
  • Ensure work incentives counseling is made available so individuals can understand the impact of income on benefits and the opportunities for asset accumulation.
  • Provide training to employers regarding hiring and retaining individuals with disabilities.
  • Continuously evaluate, adjust, and improve employment services and operations.

Staff Members
Julia Barrett-Martinelli, Advocate / Executive Director –
Kurtis Whitehead, Advocate / Assistant Director –
Jason Torres, Advocate / Lead Facilitator –
Elizabeth Blume, Advocate / Independent Living Specialist Supervisor –
Hunter Schoen, Advocate / Assistant –

Board Chairman

Rod Duell

Vice Chairman

David DeRhodo


Stephen Darwack


Lydia Cotton


Kenneth Fox
Deanna Douglas
Teresa Wise
Rufus Britt