Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment

AccessAbility strives to bring independence to our consumers using every resource we have access to, including the generosity of our surrounding communities and their citizens. Through donations of gently used durable medical equipment (DME), this program provides opportunity for access, independence and divergence for people with disabilities.

We provide two options for service to our community:

Equipment Loan Program

Our Independent Living Specialists provide guidance and peer support in assessing accommodations, and delivering the Ideal durable medical solutions to our new AccessAbility member for the desired time of need.

Establishing membership not only qualifies you for this program but begins an ongoing relationship that provides access to a wealth of informational resources and guidance to our new member.

Please call for more information on this program to see if you qualify.

Fee For Service Program

Designed for those in our community who desire quick, instant access to quality durable medical equipment at a fair low cost price. This option is convenient to those who wish to own their equipment, those who wish to provide accommodations in their home for individuals with disabilities, those who provide services, or to those who do not wish to seek AccessAbility Membership.

This program also supports the Durable Medical Equipment Program, providing funding for the processing, storage, and quality checks that make equipment availability possible for our community.

Please call for availability of equipment and pricing before pickup.


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