AccessAbility is very proud to announce not only the continuing of our workshop model service delivery but our newest collaboration with SC Vocational Rehabilitation and the SC Commission for the Blind. We are now able to extend our reach further with an expansion of our CareerBOOST Workshops. Our Workshops include six hours of FREE training in Self-Advocacy, Work-Readiness or Pre-Employment and Post-Secondary Options. We are thrilled to have the support of partners who offer a wealth of experience that allows us more opportunities to serve students with disabilities in South Carolina. This supportive partnership reinforces learning concepts that will increase outcomes for students with disabilities in transition. If you live in Charleston, Dorchester, Berkeley, Orangeburg, Williamsburg, Marion, Horry or Georgetown counties, book your workshops with us today. We all know how quickly the school year passes.


Empowering the individual to navigate their life, their goals, their education and career. This workshop sheds light and hones skills to activate participation and to take the lead in their IEP and accessing resources regarding 504 plans as well as developing access to the power of their own voice.

Work Readiness

This workshop delivers both soft and hard skills that relate to success in the workforce. We focus on the importance of workplace boundaries, positive behaviors, teamwork & communication, active listening, interview skills, job seeking, financial preparedness and the application process.

Post Secondary

For some, their are many options to consider, for others their may be less, but regardless, understanding the conditions, qualifiers and outcomes for post secondary options is an essential part of capturing the most desired experience and success after high school. This workshop provides a detailed look at post secondary college education programs, technical college programs and the straight to work path, providing the must have knowledge to help make the best decision for the future.

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