Inclusive Leadership Academy

This one of a kind curriculum focuses on the learning of new skills and qualities in a club style atmosphere where students can engage in practicing leadership. This inclusive content has been designed to accommodate all classroom levels, allowing everyone opportunities to participate. The versatile content can be used as a whole or in pieces. The peer to peer support, empowerment , self-determination, leadership and life skills are brought to life with this powerful material. This program was designed to cover topics everyone should have the opportunity to experience. Inclusion means all of us.


The Inclusive Leadership Academy (ILA) was designed to bring new and upcoming leaders an opportunity to understand the foundations of leadership and provide the opportunity to practice that knowledge alongside their peers. Like any other skill, leadership is learned and developed through practice. Football, soccer, baseball, and the arts all have venues in which their required skills can be performed and honed. The point can be made that Leadership is built into many of the previously-stated extracurricular activities that our student bodies are involved in. However, that’s not the case for many of our students in the school who, for various reasons, do not or cannot participate, in particular but not limited to our students with disabilities. For these students, other ways to learn about leadership, and more importantly practice it, are necessary, and we can provide these opportunities through programs like the Inclusive Leadership Academies.

  • Eight unit curriculum / 16 total meetings!
  • Promotes leadership opportunities in your school
  • Designed for Adaptability for a variety of teaching climates
  • Includes Bonus Challenge Pack!
  • Available in Alternate Formats

Download The Digital Version Here!


The ILA format is versatile, utilizing platforms in in-school, afterschool, and collaborator venues. Each platform provides solutions and barriers that their alternatives do not. For instance, afterschool programming provides more meeting time, however transportation may become a barrier for participants. The in-school platform provides consistency in attendance but limits activities to shorter meeting times. Lastly, collaborators are great for hosting special events and unique experiences that are outside of the school structure. It is important that you understand your audience, your situation, and what resources you have at your disposal in order to make the ILA programming work for you.

This program was derived from a multi-school effort. A collaboration of 4 schools within a single school district selected students to represent and participate in a single ILA program. This structure allowed for school representation as an additional concept of leadership. It is important to note that ILA can be delivered in this fashion, but it also has great utility in a single-school program.


Opportunity to practice is the focus of this program, as it drives concepts and skills related to Independence and successful leadership. With that in mind, activities make up the bulk of the time. They are the focus; the rest of the curriculum orbits around them. Pre- and post-discussions about the challenges, ice-breaker topics, and exit activities help drive the concepts being addressed in the activities that the participants are challenged with. Facilitators fall back to allow students to practice their skills, make decisions, initiate teamwork, and lead in the activities. When this is paired with time for socialization, good food, and a positive atmosphere, you may find that barriers like transportation and conflicting schedules fall away. Your Inclusive Leadership Academy will be something your future leaders look forward to, all while sharpening their skills and building community.

Transition Alliance of South Carolina (TASC)

TASC has made the availability of this program possible across the state of South Carolina to educators and programs that work with youth with disabilities in transition. If you are considering piloting this program in your school or district, TASC and AccessAbility are providing technical assistance and support to select programs in the state. Please visit to find out more about this program, or reach out to Kurtis Whitehead at



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