With life throwing curve balls that come at you from all directions, AccessAbility serves up several workshops that cover the following areas:

Time commitment
* Each workshop takes 6 weeks to complete
* Each session last an hour
*Our first session for each workshop is an application process

Has your life recently changed? Something unexpected has happened, and now you are moving forward? AccessAbility can help you in your transition. Sign up for our Grief to Acceptance workshop.

IEP Workshop
Are you the parent of a child with a disability and need help understanding the Individual Education Program (IEP) process? Sign up for AccessAbility’s IEP workshop.

Are you between the ages of 9-13 (or a family member of a child with a disability)? Have you ever been bullied, or bullied someone? You matter. Sign up for AccessAbility’s Reactive to Proactive workshop. This is a two series workshop!

Are you a high school student wondering, “What’s my next step after school?” We encourage you along the path you choose. AccessAbility helps you develop a plan of action to reach your goals. Sign up for AccessAbility’s Stable to Able workshop, it’s all about empowerment!

Soft Skills: Elementary, Intermediate, & Advanced
Are you ready to join the workforce? AccessAbility can help increase your skills in the #1 area employers are looking for- Soft Skills- which are socialization and communication skills. Complete all three and you are an employer’s star candidate. Sign up for AccessAbility’s Elementary, Intermediate, or Advanced workshops.

Hard Skills
Do you need help learning about banking, prepping for that interview, or creating that resume? Sign up for AccessAbility’s Hard Skills workshop.

Nutrition and Exercise
Do you want to make your health a priority in your life? Maybe prevent secondary health conditions, or just feel better? AccessAbility’s Healthy to Hardy is for you.

This workshop allows elderly participants with disabilities to leave their imprint on youth with disabilities. We encourage seniors to share wisdom and stories in order to offer knowledge and experience.

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