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With life throwing curve balls that come at you from all directions, AccessAbility serves up several workshops that cover the following areas:

Time commitment
* Each workshop takes 6 weeks to complete
* Each session last an hour
*Our first session for each workshop is an application process

Nutrition and Exercise
Do you want to make your health a priority in your life? Maybe prevent secondary health conditions, or just feel better? AccessAbility’s Healthy to Hardy is for you.

This workshop allows elderly participants with disabilities to leave their imprint on youth with disabilities. We encourage seniors to share wisdom and stories in order to offer knowledge and experience.

Has your life recently changed? Something unexpected has happened, and now you are moving forward?
You are now a person with a disability, caring for someone with a disability or about to have a child with
a disability. This workshop can help you in your transition. Sign up for our Grief to Acceptance workshop.

IEP Workshop
Are you the parent of a child with a disability and need help understanding the Individual Education
Program (IEP) process? It is important for you to know your child’s rights to effectively advocate for
their educational needs. This workshop is for you. We can also teach you (student with disability) to
complete or participate fully in presenting your own IEP. These are decisions about you and you need to
participate in your own future.

Have you ever been bullied, or bullied someone? Are you between the ages of 9-13 (or a family member of a child with a disability)? You matter, and this workshop prepares you with tools to manage bully behavior. Sign up for AccessAbility’s Reactive to Proactive workshop. This is a two series workshop!

Empowerment- Self-Determination
Are you a high school student or young adult wondering, “What’s my next step in life?”- “What’s my next step after school?” We encourage
you along the path you choose. AccessAbility will help you develop a plan of action to reach your goals.
You learn to take pride in yourself, step forward and actively participate in your life. Sign up for AccessAbility’s Stable to Able workshop, it’s all about empowerment!

Soft Skills: Elementary, Intermediate, & Advanced
Are you ready to join the workforce? AccessAbility can help increase your skills in the most identified
area employers are looking for- Soft Skills- which are socialization and communication skills. When you
complete all three, you will be an employer’s star candidate. Sign up for AccessAbility’s Elementary, Intermediate, or Advanced workshops.

Hard Skills
Do you need help learning about banking, prepping for that job interview, or creating that resume? This
workshop addresses skills that are often missing and teaches participants how to attain them. Sign up for AccessAbility’s Hard Skills workshop.

Health and Nutrition
Do you want to make your health a priority in your life? Maybe prevent secondary health conditions. This
workshop helps you explore ways to care for your health.

Student Led IEP
This workshop will help you, the student; better understand what is happening to your education. You
will learn: the rights you have surrounding your Individualized Education Plan, how to better advocate for
your educational needs and effectively communicate your future desires.

Goal Setting
Have you ever wanted to accomplish something, but it never made it from you mind to paper?
AccessAbility’s Goal Setting workshop will help guide you through the process of putting pen to paper
using the SMART process. You will learn the ability to set goals that lead to achievable positive

Interview Workshop
Do you want a job? This workshop helps you prepare for the interview. You have the opportunity to
practice and learn what is expected of you during an interview. You also learn much needed information
That will help you land that job.

Integrity Workshop
This workshop focuses on creating a personal standard for you. It focuses on understanding your core
values and creating a personal contract with yourself to live up to you self-proclaimed standards. Through
creating your contract you learn about accountability, values, & building you support network.

Communication Connectors
This workshop assists participants become better communicators. The goal of this workshop is for
participants to better advocate for themselves at home, school, work or their community.

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media
Learning to navigate the internet can be very confusing. This workshop focus is to help you
learn what is acceptable behavior when interacting on social media.

Do you feel unsure of your social responses when interacting with others? You don’t understand what is expected
of you and how to respond when interacting with people in everyday situations such as your teacher, boss,
colleagues, service people and friends? The Manners Workshop teaches you what the societal norms are when
interacting with people and helps you to understand why they are important and expected.


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