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Welcome to the Advocator’s Headquarters. We are excited for you to explore our heroic campus and learn how you can be involved in our upcoming missions. If you haven’t been briefed on the outcome of our first adventure where we battled the infamous Barrier Man, check out our digital comic book which can be downloaded below. You can also submit a request for a shipment of physical copies in various accessible formats.

Your support and involvement is key to breaking down barriers. As Advocators, we fight for our rights and access for all people in the communities that we build together. If you would like to be involved in our future adventures, download our Mission Response Guide to bring experiences and barriers you and your peers face to the Advocators Mission Board. There, we can organize a plan of action for our next adventure. You may also find some mission objectives and other tools to bring the fight within our Headquarters Home Page.

Thanks for exploring our home base and until next time… Remember this! Let your abilities be greater than the barriers trying to define you!

The Advocators.

Where to read

“The Advocators” is available in many places, in many forms and many spaces. Read this literature with your fingers in braille, as we send out copies in the mail. Sent to the legislature, knowledge to be spread, or read with a parent or a pal named Ted. The choice is yours on how to read, in Spanish, large print, or audio feed. We want your voice to be heard loud and far, so get out there, share this creed, let your inner Advocate be the star.

“The Advocators” comic book is currently free for distribution in standard format, Spanish print & digital format, audio English, braille print, and large print. Accessible physical formats are by request and in limited numbers. Download the digital versions today!


Want to be a legitimate force in your community? Advocating for yourself or your peers? This Guide will not only get you thinking about how you can make an impact, but also make you a collaborative force in the effort to Advocate for change across your state. Your input will collectively drive the future issues of the Advocators! So download that PDF, get your point across (CRUSH THE ACTIVITIES!), upload it, and make your impact!

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