HireMeSC 2020

HireMeSC – Michael Dyke

Michael is a pro when it comes to being a cashier. Michael is a people person who loves greeting you with a smile.This outgoing guy has started a career at Walmart and is focusing on his future. He is working hard to move up the corporate ladder. Watch out for Michael at your local Walmart!

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HireMeSC – Covington Olds

This avid gamer knows everything there is about gaming. Covington aspires to work for a gaming shop where he can offer his knowledge and customer service skills to customers. He would be great at assisting a customer in finding the perfect game for them or as a gift. He will be the perfect asset to any local gaming shop.

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HireMeSC – Natalie Anderson

HireMeSC – Natalie Anderson Natalie is an accomplished young woman that has set out to change the world! She has already proven that she has the skills to be unstoppable. She received a degree in psychology from Furman in 2019, and has garnered experience in leadership and public speaking. This young professional aspires to work for a large nonprofit organization that focuses on advocacy and promoting inclusion, accessibility and diversity for all. She would be a great asset to any…

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HireMeSC – Jonathan

If you have welding needs look no further than your man Johnathan. This knowledgeable young man is eager to learn the craft of welding. Johnathan is creative and loves to work with his hands. Think of Johnathan for your next welding apprenticeship. [young man with glasses smiling with a green and blue border around her with the hire me SC logo in the bottom left corner] #hiremeSC #palmettotraining

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