HireMeSC 2021

HireMeSC – Lyric Heyward

Do you find yourself looking around for an extra pair of hands? Let us introduce you to Lyric! Lyric specializes in day-to-day care of children, she’s everything a local daycare is looking for. Some of her top qualities include patience, love, vacuuming and cleaning. As an older member of her large family, Lyric has tons of experience working with kids as she helps look after her younger siblings. She strives to be an independent adult. Lyric would be a great…

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HireMeSC – Maranda McCoy

Are you in need of a problem solver? Meet Maranda! She is seeking a career in beta testing, specifically in the realm of video games. This young woman is intuitive and pays strong attention to detail. She has the confidence and the drive to work on any problem a game might have until it is solved. She is your go to for Beta-testing.   [Young woman wearing a black mask and glasses. She has on a black polo, black pants,…

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HireMeSC – Catherine Brewington

Are you looking for specialized help in your office? Maybe a new receptionist or executive assistant? Look no further, Catherine is willing and able to step up to the plate. She loves to help people in an office setting with anything they might need from filing, scheduling appointments, to checking patients and/or clients in for their appointments. Catherine boasts great communication skills and is ready to blast your list of tasks out of the park!   [Young woman wearing a…

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