Chip Challenge

Chip Challenge


You found the secret Ability Chip Challenge Stash!
You have been paw chosen to participate in our super secret Ability Chip Task Force. The Challenge Chipmunk has been hording Ability Chips to share with you. However, he's a bit stingy and reluctant to just let them go. He requires a challenge and show of leadership to be completed to earn his Ability Chips. L.I.T. team members have exclusive access to various tasks that are posted on this Chip Challenge Message Board. Be sure to Check in to the Chip Challenge Board in the future to gain access to new and upcoming ways to earn Ability Chips.

"Ok great, I have this Ability Chip but what does it do?" Great question, The Chips are a reminder to access your leadership skills and Empower not only yourself but others in your life. You can keep them in your wallet, your purse, your backpack, phone case, pocket, dashboard, desk drawer, really anywhere you occasionally see it to access your inner power and ability.

"Thats cool, do they do anything else?" I'm glad you asked because If you choose to collect them and let a few go, Chip is willing to negotiate terms for some sweet L.I.T. Merch and other useful gadgets in return for his beloved Ability Challenge Chips.

Challenge Rules "Chip's Particulars"
Chips can be earned by completing designated tasks. Each task will have designate chip values (amount of chips earned).
Completion of a task requires a brief summary of the event in the following L.I.T. meeting as well as a photo of the team member performing the task (photos can be during the task or selfie status after completion). Both of these requirements MUST be met in order to claim your bounty. Photos are to be posted and tagged to the AccessAbility page via facebook or emailed / shared to or (Please describe the task in a short summary for verification of completion.)
Earn Chips can be redeemed for various merchandise available through the L.I.T. Program.

Chip's First Tasks!

Summer Session Doubles - It's the summer and its a hot one. Cool down with a fellow L.I.T. team member by going out and doing something fun. Maybe your into waterparks! Get together for a a crisp air conditioned movie night, or grab at lunch. With all the great venues in Charleston this task should be a cinch. Take a photo " selfie together with your local in the background and share it with the L.I.T. team and you'll earn 2 Ability Chips each.

Chips Super Challenge - If your feeling froggie, and really want to get after it. Find a community leader in your area ( Fire Engine Chief, Store Manager, City official, Activity Coordinator, Organizational leader, Political leader, you get the Idea) and ask them for a short interview. Completing this one is a bit more challenging but it's worth it. Ask them all three questions below and record their answers. Get a selfie with them and your done! This Challenge is worth 3 Ability Chips, So get to it!
- What do you think is the toughest thing you do as leader of others?
- What leadership skill do you find the most useful in your job?
- Who is a leader you look up to and why?

Hide a Nut for Winter - What's something that gets in your way of productivity that you love to do. We all have something we love that isn't exactly the best use of our time; video games, Netflix, our tablets, i-phone apps... the list can go on and on. Can you put it away for a day? maybe even a week? how about a month... If you think your up to the challenge, record each day with a blog video, dairy or journal entry, or maybe a picture says it all. Show us what you did with that time. It's amazing what we are capable of when we give ourselves the opportunity. This Challenge is worth 1 Chip / 1 day, 2 Chips for a week, 3 Chips for a month!


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