HireMeSC – DeVonte Jamism

Are you looking for a dog walker? Is your dog restless at the end of the day when you get home from work. If your dog needs a mid day walk to get out some of their energy Davonta is your man. This young man is always willing to help people. He is very dependable and always on time. Think of him the next time your dog needs to let some energy out. Wants to work with animals Good at…

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HireMeSC – Alexis Mitchell

This girl has an eye for style.She knows all the latest fashion trends for dresses and tops. She has great communication skills and can work for any store to find the right clothing to sell. Alexis is your next retailer.   Likes to chill at home Great eye contact Hard worked   [Young woman wearing a white headband, pink jacket, and black pants holding a Hire me SC sign]

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HireMeSC – Sidney Murray

Are you looking for a person who always brings out the fun? Look no further than Sidney, this all around fun person is a perfect addition to Dave N’ Busters or Frankie’s. He is great at cleaning and customer service.  This energetic young man is perfect for any family fun entertainment center. A movie buff Likes games and prizes Organized and on-time    [Young man wearing a purple polo, grey jacket, and blue jeans holding a Hire me SC sign]

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HireMeSC – Tyler Parker

Calling all summer camps, Who needs a dedicated camp counselor who loves helping kids improve by goal setting with them and keeping them organized. Tyler has experience keeping organized as a mail room attendant. Remember him as you prepare your staff for your next summer camp. Also wants is be a speech therapist to help other improve on their speech Interest: sports, video games, cooking, volunteering, drawing One other skill he has is being prepare for class He keeps improving…

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