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AccessAbility is here to help people with disabilities impacted by Hurricane Matthew.

How AccessAbility can help before, during and after the hurricane.

  • Assistive Technology (Wheelchairs, Walkers, Canes & Shower Chairs, etc)
  • Information & Referral
  • Helping you during your return home
  • Navigating Emergency Services (FEMA, Red Cross, etc)
  • Assist you in advocating for your rights accessing services
  • Assist in ensuring the accessibility of emergency shelters

Contact AccessAbility (843) 225-5080

TTY (843) 225-0231

South Carolina Emergency Management Division

Emergency Hotline: (866) 246-0133

Citizen’s Information Line:

Charleston County: (843) 746-3900

Dorchester County: (843) 832-0393 or (843) 563-0393

Berkley County: (843) 719-4800

Medical Needs Shelter: Westview Primary School (Please call before going): (843) 761-9000

Pet-friendly shelter: Cainbay High School. Please note that you must have cage/kennel with you.

For those who are hearing impaired, call: (843) 764-3911