What We Can Do

We Offer…

  • Information and Referrals to all
  • Peer Mentoring Services
  • Daily Living Skills Training
  • Individual Advocacy Assistance
  • Young Adult Leadership
  • Emergency Disaster Preparedness
  • Education and Transition
  • Employment Advising
  • Outreach to Under-served Populations
  • Advice on Voting Rights and Opportunities for consumers to serve on committees where they have a say.

We also offer…

  • Workshops including, but not limited to grief, bullying, empowerment, soft skills (elementary, intermediate, and advanced), hard skills, nutrition and health, and legacy
  • Look out for more workshops and interactive services that can be provided on-location, in your schools or here at AccessAbility! Call to learn more! 843.225.5080.

We Will…

  • Advocate for public policy affecting people with disabilities
  • Speak to groups/organizations about independent living
  • Collaborate with organizations to enable people with disabilities to achieve success
  • Participate on Advisory Councils and Community Based Participatory Research with academic partners to assist the community of people with disabilities

We Provide…

  • All forms of Assistive Technology for people with disabilities to communicate with as well as Internet ready computers at our office, free of charge.
  • Refurbished and durable medical equipment for people with disabilities in need
  • Ramp services (when funding is available).

We Also Offer Fee-For-Service Programs…

  • Sensitivity Awareness Training (contract or one time option)
  • Training and Workshops for businesses about ADA compliance and accommodations for people with disabilities
  • Rental program for refurbished Durable Medical Equipment for personal or business use
  • Rental program of our beautiful Training Room for your meeting needs.


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