Charlie at Charis

North Charleston, SC — Join us this Friday for Charlie at Charis, a live performance and rendition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The play was created by the students of Charis Academy in partnership with Art Pot and AccessAbility. The public is invited to join for a sweet story and talented youth performances. The event is free of charge. Charlie at Charis is the culmination of a year-long production and joined efforts of three participating organizations. With inspiration from…

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Stories of Success: Mr. Connell

We are pleased to share the story of one of our many kind and generous donors, Mr. James Connell. Mr. Connell had recently lost his wife when he got in touch with us. He remembered that when she was alive, she often visited with AccessAbility for help with assistive technology. In her memory, he wanted to return the favor and give back “to the place that helped her.” We appreciate Mr. Connell’s selflessness and loyalty during a tough time.

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Stories of Success: Mr. Bellamy

Mr. Bellamy felt like he hit a brick wall. He was having trouble keeping his balance and practicing self-care; everyday tasks that we often take for granted. Luckily his friend Kelly came across our website and put him in touch with our Independent Living team. With our staff member John Bryant, Mr. Bellamy created an independent living plan which included a cane and a rollator. For those of you who are less familiar with durable medical equipment, a rollator is…

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