HireMeSC – Kadenez Sanders

Kadenez would be great as a kindergarten teacher. She can help teach the children to read and write. This future teacher will always make sure the kids are where they are supposed to be and ready for the next activity. Kadenez is nice to everyone she meets and will lead by example for generations to come. [Young woman wearing grey jacket, and black vest holding a Hire Me SC sign]

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HireMeSC – Zoe Albenberg

Any local barns need help caring for their horses? Zoe is great at listening and following directions with anything you may need assistance with. It could be making sure the water buckets are filled, the horses have enough hay, or turning them out to pasture, Zoe is your girl. When your barn needs that extra help, think of Zoe.   [Young woman wearing a camo long sleeve shirt holding a Hire Me SC Sign]

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HireMeSC – Wintson McDaniel

Calling all movie theaters! Now that you are hiring, Winston is ready to be your next ticket counter representative. He can do it all by making the popcorn and collecting the tickets. This young man is great at talking to people and knows everything about movies. He will be a showstopper in the theater.  [Young man wearing a black collar shirt with small anchors over a grey shirt holding a Hire Me SC sign]

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HireMeSC – Malachi Pearson

This young man loves to work on cars and wants to work at an auto body shop and get his hands dirty repairing any type of vehicle. Malachi even has a 10 hour certification to prepare him to work in an auto body shop. He has the experience, the knowledge, and the team building skills to be a great addition to your company. When you need a new mechanic remember him for your job. His favorite type of car are…

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