Advocacy Day 2018

We are proud to announce our participation in Advocacy Day for Access and Independence on April 25, 2018 from 10am-11:30am. The event will take place at the South Carolina State House at 1201 Main Street in Columbia, SC. We’ll be peacefully rallying to unlock the many barriers that make it difficult for people with disabilities to live independently. These include topics such as: Transportation – people with disabilities are twice as likely to lack adequate transportation Housing – across the state,…

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Employer Training Now Available

Is your organization or business in the market for a talented, driven workforce? Do you want a better public image and positive cultural perspective? Look no further! AccessAbility is now offering Employer training through the South Carolina Employment First Initiative Grant. This 1 to 2 hour training breaks down myths and provides guidance through hiring and integrating people with disabilities into your workforce. We cover The benefits of hiring people with disabilities Tax incentives Accommodations and their impact on your…

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Our Friends in the Lowcountry, with Hurricane Irma making its way up the Eastern Coast, our community needs to look ahead to ensure safety before the storm arrives. This is even more important for persons with disabilities who require additional support, resources or time to get to a safe location. AccessAbility will continue to serve our community offering support in the coming week. We plan to open our offices during our usual office hours provided there is a safe environment…

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