HireMeSC – Kayleigh Freeman

There are beautiful fish all around us but we don’t have any pictures of them. Kayleigh could be your next marine photographer to capture all the magnificent sea creatures we have at our local beaches. She is good at working and loves diving to take the pictures. Think of her when you want beautiful ocean photos. Some barriers she could face, is getting all of her equipment [Young woman wearing a white and pink mask, black shirt, and black pants,…

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HireMeSC – Jordan Blanchard

Do you need a good blacksmith? Jordan is ready to be the perfect one. This guy is prepared, on time. and organized. This handy guy can make anything you wish for. Make sure to use him for your blacksmithing needs. Making weapons for movies or games Some barriers will be many “not enough customers”   [Young man wearing blue jeans, red and grey jacket holding a Hire me SC sign]

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HireMeSC – DeVonte Jamism

Are you looking for a dog walker? Is your dog restless at the end of the day when you get home from work. If your dog needs a mid day walk to get out some of their energy Davonta is your man. This young man is always willing to help people. He is very dependable and always on time. Think of him the next time your dog needs to let some energy out. Wants to work with animals Good at…

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