HireMeSC – Emily Wilson

Is your restaurant experiencing a labor shortage? Well, we have your new restaurant team member awaiting! Emily is good at cooking, talking to people, and reading. This young woman turns every stranger into a friend, so she will be great at making customers feel right at home. She is excellent at measurements and can help the cooking staff if they need it. Emily is excited to be a part of your growing restaurant team. [Young woman wearing a red sweater…

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HireMeSC – Brice Bessinger

Calling all grocery stores that are looking for their next maintenance technician! Brice is a pro at cleaning, especially sweeping and wiping down tables. She would be great in any supermarket because this future teammate has great communication skills. Remember her for your next grocery store hire. [Young woman wearing a purple shirt, and black lanyard holding a Hire Me SC sign]

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HireMeSC – Grayson Jones

Starbucks – are you looking for your next barista? Look no further than Grayson! This young man is organized and experienced at cleaning. Mr. Jones excels with people. He even has experience as a barista by helping with the coffee delivery cart at school. Grayson would be a perfect addition to any Starbucks.   [Young man wearing a white shirt and a black lanyard holding a Hire Me SC sign]

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HireMeSC – Kadenez Sanders

Kadenez would be great as a kindergarten teacher. She can help teach the children to read and write. This future teacher will always make sure the kids are where they are supposed to be and ready for the next activity. Kadenez is nice to everyone she meets and will lead by example for generations to come. [Young woman wearing grey jacket, and black vest holding a Hire Me SC sign]

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